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Tips and Tricks from SHIMA for

Fighting the Flu and Beating the Cold


We all know the signs of a cold or flu settling in, about to derail us — however temporarily — from our day-to-day lives. If your first thought when cold or flu symptoms arise is to reach for an over-the-counter formula, think again. ​With the following preventive measures and simple, natural cold and flu remedies -all of which we have for sale here at SHIMA- you can save money, take control of your health, and trim your time spent feeling under the weather this cold and flu season!

Here are some tips to get you through those delirious days:

Rest & Relax: Use that Personal day, ring in sick to work, your colleagues will be horrified by your runny nose and flinch every time you cough. Airborne droplets from sneezes and coughs are what spread the influenza virus from person to person.

Fill Up Your Mug: Drinking warm fluids like soup, broths, tea and hot water with added honey and lemon, help soothe sore throats and painful coughs.​


Our Go-To Remedy:

Premium Immune Blend

Our Premium Immune Blend is made

in-house, by our doctors at SHIMA. In addition to the base blend of flu and cold combating elixers, we can also customize it according to what ails

YOU specifically. This stuff is health enhancing magic folks!

Call us so we can blend some up for you today!

Homeopathic Healing:

Muco Coccinum

Muco Coccinum is an amazing homeopathic remedy for both prevention AND treatment of both colds and flu. And because it's homeopathic, it's safe for the whole family! For prevention we recommend taking a tablet once weekly.

On the earliest sign of a cold or flu, take a tablet twice a day.

With over a million doses sold per year, Belgium has been using this successful remedy for several years.

Come pick some up at SHIMA!

Vitamin C Powerhouse:

Pure Synergy Radiance C

Pure Radiance C is packed full of 100% food-grade, easily absorbed vitamin C, made from wild-gathered camu-camu, acerola and a proprietary blend of berries and sprouts.

Helps bolster your healthy immune system. Provides extra support during cold, flu, and allergy season. Offers protective antioxidant activity. For prevention take 2 per day, for treatment, take 2 every few hours.

Young Living Essential Oils

Deep breaths in… deep breaths out! Have you ever noticed that your sinuses seem to clear up when you take a hot shower? The steam helps moisturize and soothe your nasal passages, and when combined with specific essential oils (you guessed it), steam inhalation can help to loosen mucous and bring relief to the sinuses. Dilute the following essential oils in a diffuser or warm compress across forehead, chest or throat for relief.

Essential oils that help alleviate symptoms of colds, cough and help purify the air:

– Clove – Frankincense

– Tea Tree – Geranium

– Peppermint – Lemon

– Lavender – Thieves

– RC – Eucalyptus

Call us to to order or put some of our favorites aside for you!


Call SHIMA or make an appointment with us this season to stay well and to find out about even more strategies for preventing colds and flu, and some simple, natural cold and flu remedies.

In Warmth and Health

from us at SHIMA


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