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Our integrative medicine approach considers your symptoms of concern and also other important factors such as your nutritional, mental/emotional and physical/structural needs relevant to your desired lifestyle.

Upon your initial visit with us, we'll tell you if you can expect a favorable response to our approach.  We will also tell you if this isn't so.  If you wish, we will work along with your current doctor and explain exactly what we do.  We also suggest conventional medical doctors for referral services whenever appropriate.

We are aware that results are the final standard.  Our intent is to move you in the direction of healing whether it be an acute injury or a chronic disease pattern.  The practitioner's art is to clear the way for your "life force/vitality" to heal you.  Assisting you in this process is our high calling and a privilege.  


By honoring that which truly heals all of us and by being service-directed, our intuitions open, right words and tools are utilized and satisfaction descends upon you and your practitioner.  We see it as a perfect gift for all of us.

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