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Dr. Suzanne Kirby, BSc, DC, FASA
Chiropractor, Fellow, Acupuncture Society of America 

Dr. Kirby has been in private practice for over 30 years in Sag Harbor. Specializing in chiropractic,  functional medicine, biomagnetic therapy pairing, homeopathy, nutrition, and cranialsacral  therapy.  She brings an understanding of Eastern and Western healing traditions to her practice and joins them all together for a extensive  evaluation and treatment of various  health issues. Dr. Kirby focuses on natural family health care, assisting and supporting families with everyday health issues. She  strives to find the root causes of pain, illness and disease through comprehensive evaluation utilizing lab tests, allergy sensitivity testing, applied kinesiology and exams. Dr. Kirby provides individualized care to achieve optimal wellness. By using integrative complementary medicine; bringing mind, body and spirit back to natural balance, she offers individual and unique health care with gentle, non-invasive treatment.

Dr. Glenn Goodman, DC, FASA
Chiropractor, Fellow, Acupuncture Society of America 

Dr. Goodman loves integrating the mind, body and spirit of every patient to facilitate, guide and empower them to a deep level of understanding and healing. For over 32 years, he has trained with a select group of American, European, Asian and Peruvian masters in healing. Dr Goodman teaches workshops for doctors and the public as well as classes in yoga, meditation and Foundation Training.

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